Common Dishwasher Problems That Need A Repair

When a dishwasher breaks down it’s a nightmare. Back to hand washing dishes.. who wants to do that!?


          1. The dishes don’t get clean.

Probably the most common dishwasher problem is the dishwasher not doing what it’s supposed to do. Clean. There is many factors that can cause this proble, depending on how much you use the dishwasher, overloading it, not cleaning it properly or maybe there is some hardware that is malfunctioning. Either way, get it checked out.


          2. The dishwasher won’t start.

What good is a dishwasher than won’t even start up? Often when this happens it can be quite a complex issue, possible a motor problem, dodgy wiring or a broken switch, whichever it is you will need an expert to have a look at it.


          3. Dishwasher won’t stop filling up.

Oops, your dishwasher has gone mad and won’t stop filling up leaving you a big mess of soapy water. This usually comes down to one of three things, it could that the timer is stuck and is therefore telling the machine to keep filling up. It could be the float switch, or maybe the water inlet valve is stuck open letting the water through.


          4. The dishwasher won’t fill up at all.

If there’s no water going into the machine, then it’s not going to be cleaning the dishes. This could be an issue with the float – which is supposed to signal the water to shut off when it reaches a certain level. It could be that the machine is thinking the door is open, if this is the case the machine won’t let the water out. So it might be the switch reading the door as open even when it’s closed.


          5. The water won’t drain.

If the dishes are coming out still wet, the dishwasher is only doing half its job. Whilst you could take the dishes out and dry them, you didn’t buy a dishwasher to do this. Most likely it’s a clogged drain or filter. Have a look under the spray arm for any debris.


          6. Theres a leak!

Uh-oh, there’s water all over the floor. It could just be a one time thing where you overloaded the dishwasher. Most commonly it’s the seals around the edges of the machine, they might need to be replaced. On the other hand the drain hose connection could be slightly loose and therefore letting some water out.

         7. Dishwasher is very noisy.

Does your dishwasher make an annoying noise when its running? A common problem is that the spray arm is hitting the dishes which is an allignment issue. It could also be a seal or a ring rattling around.


Some of the problems here can be DIY fixes, however most occasions you’ll need a professional to have a loook for you.. that’s where we come in!